SuperToaster X

What is it ? Can i taste this pan ?

Learn Japanese

SuperToaster X will allow you to learn while having fun ! As the game progresses you will discover some vocabulary and important kanji.

Play a beautiful RPG

An off the wall universe of pixel and stunning 2D animations awaits you! Powered by Game Maker Engine and many many hours of work ...

Meet Pan !

Pan is a human transformed into a slice of bread. With his exoskeleton toaster, Pan is ready to kick villains a** in the adventure of SuperToaster X !

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Jun 4
Jun 4

Devlog 83: Card Pool

Oh boy have I got some new for you bad boys and girls. First of all, major props to the new developer who has released 12 demos since he joined the team. The progress he has made in two weeks is nothing short of admirable. Not only that, he’s been very useful in providing suggestions […]

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Meet the Pan's army !!!