Oh boy have I got some new for you bad boys and girls. First of all, major props to the new developer who has released 12 demos since he joined the team. The progress he has made in two weeks is nothing short of admirable. Not only that, he’s been very useful in providing suggestions about the game and exceptionally reliable to boot. I couldn’t ask for a better match.

A big THANK YOU to my beta testers, HuLiJin and Saneterre from Oniromancie and yahkehbu from Pixel Joint for their help. This kind of support is essential for this project and your suggestions are making the game better.

As you can imagine, a lot of new things abound in v.0.12. The game demo is almost ready for public release and is just missing some tutorials elements before we give it a go. You’ll find plenty of new graphics, a new dialogue system, a fully coded and functional combat engine, tweaks on the learning system and much more.

I would like to focus on one aspect of the game for this devlog: the Card Pool.
Basically, cards are your attack and defense in this game. They are either found in dungeons or bought in stores. The player then assigns cards to his abilities. Each card has a value; the more complicated the card, the more powerful it is.

Let’s look Inventory


1 & 2: Those are your two available attacks so far (more will be available later). Each attack has gives properties to the cards they are assigned to.

3: Displays all available information about the selected card. When you have vocabulary, you will also have the word put into a sentence to give extra meaning to the word.

4: This is the card pool: all of the cards you have collected so far. You assign each one of those cards to your abilities, whether it’s offence or defense. Keep in mind that each ability has a limited amount of card slots so you have to choose wisely when deciding which card you want to assign to which ability!

5: The available card slots and the cards equipped to each ability. You’ll notice the Punch has 5 slots while the whip has 4. You don’t have to use all slots but linking fewer cards means you won’t have as many cards to guess in battle, which will make your attacks weaker. This allows player to focus on the amount of cards they want to learn. The more cards are linked, the greater the challenge but the greater the reward!

Some new graphics:

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